Sir william flinders petrie and sequence dating

From 1887-1892 he relied on his own resources and the sponsorship of two wealthy enthusiasts - Jesse Haworth and Martyn Kennard.

One such year for me was 1981, the year I graduated from high school.

He didn't carry a whip or wear a fedora while working on the plateau; instead he surveyed while wearing a ballerina's tutu! Petrie made his way into this world on June 3, 1853, in Charlton, England. Due to his frail constitution Petrie was educated at home.

His intellect developed quickly, as did his love for the art and science of measurement.

He worked at a much higher number of sites, and with much greater speed, than an archaeologist would today; he saw his life as a mission of rescue archaeology - to retrieve as much information as possible from sites that were shrinking dramatically in size as Egypt modernized.

The following table offers a year by year guide to his main archaeological activity.


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