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There will never be a Veg Speed Date event with 25 women and 5 men!For our LGBTQ events, we work to ensure we have as many people as possible.

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On the content buying side, Kerry currently identifies key acquisitions from Asia for Oz Noz Entertainment, a new North American VOD platform for multicultural kids.

Prior to establishing Small Screen, Kerry was Director of International Sales at Sesame Workshop.

Kerry graduated from Cornell University with an MA in East Asian Studies and a concentration in Marketing, and speaks fluent Japanese.

First off, she's starring in the show America's obsessed with. It's awesome.) As the first African American female lead in a network drama in almost 40 years, Kerry's role on is historic, and it's earned her an Emmy nomination—all at a moment when her real life is moving at warp speed too.

She's both totally in charge and completely hopeless.


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