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A few years (1 - 2) here or there does not make a difference, more important is how much are people guessing you.

However, don't register for a speed dating event if your age difference is too big.

The speed dating event can end sooner, but we recommend to always reserve about 2 hours.

Set up an email notification and we will be glad to send you non-binding information about ongoing events according to your preferences and age.Post-event our website provides a safe and secure messaging system allowing customers to communicate with their matches.Dateina Dash was launched in November 2011 by former Police Officer Robert Ryall whom after attending a poorly organised Speed Dating event from a rival Speed Dating company based in Clapham realised there was a demand for a well organised Speed Dating event in London.From birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to holidays, retirements and Christenings.And public occasions like Christmas, bonfire night and Valentines, whatever you’re celebrating, make it Bournemouth.During your regular activities you are also usually surrounded by people you already know and this circle of friends does not always change very much.And even when a new face appears, it does not necessarily mean that you will hit it off.To be fair it was real fun, only I fell asleep on the tube on the way home. Free Index runs automated checks on all reviews to ensure that our content remains as useful and trustworthy as possible." style="margin-right:10px;padding:2px 5px 0px 5px;height:20px;background-color:#eeee00;"Review Information This review did not pass our verification check.The speed dating age categories are orientational, if not written otherwise.After verification of your email you can log into your account and simply set up your profile. Your entered personal information is internal and not disclosed. You will choose a dating event that suits you and sign up for it.You will receive the confirmation and other instructions after the payment of the participation fee.


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