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After a brush with death, I realized that not only had I secluded myself, but I had gone about interacting with others the wrong way: I would put enormous amounts of pressure on myself to impress or to avoid embarrassment.I decided then, as I limped around the hospital with a tube 12 centimeters into my chest and emptying my inner fluids into a box that I held like a purse, that I wanted to meet people. But although meeting people was really difficult for me to do, I decided that it was not as hard as what I had just gone through.

None of them any longer expected anything of life...

) and it made me have to really think about my position.

I want to emphasize that I was not “effortlessly social” prior to my month-long stay in the hospital. It took a long glance over the precipice of my existence to come to the conclusion that I applied too much pressure to my social interactions.

Between 18 Hodler chiefly painted idealised pictures of craftsmen, such as , as a means of recalling his own origins as an artisan.

In all these compositions the artist attempts to concentrate on the expressive potential of the human figures.


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