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The primary function of a cycling helmet is to protect your head – and all helmets sold by reputable retailers will meet the standards set out by the authority in the country of sale.However, if you choose to spend more, you’ll get a lid that is lighter, and more breathable.But generally speaking there are four factors that l use to determine how hard a race will be: distance, the amount of climbing/descending required, terrain and climate.If that sounds like a complicated rubric, there's always one simple fact that gives you a fair indicator of how touch a race is: the number of competitors who finish.At the end of each day, you bed down in an open sided tent with seven other runners and compare blisters before falling asleep to a concerto of a thousand farts.Waking up at 6am each morning becomes progressively harder, as does the day's run/trudge across miles of energy sapping sand dunes and blister inducing rocky hamada.Bike helmets are designed to protect riders from head injuries, but there are several different types, and to the new cyclist this can be confusing.This guide will explain the features and different kinds of helmets that road cyclists use.

He won three consecutive karting championships in Spain from 1994 to 1997, and he became world karting champion in 1996.

He joined Mc Laren in 2007, before returning to Renault for two seasons in 20. Although Alonso did not reach his goal of winning a third title while at Ferrari he managed to finish runner up on three occasions (2010, 20) as well as winning eleven Grands Prix with the team and clearly beating his teammates for points in all five seasons.

His strongest title challenges were in 20, finishing both seasons just adrift of title winner Sebastian Vettel.

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It’s something that amuses my friends, puzzles my mother, and keeps my long suffering other half in a constant flux of worry.


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