Updating a tudor facade

Why are so many magazine websites difficult to find stuff on?

Then you have houses that are generally viewed with some disdain for their failed attempts to replicate the charms of period properties — think brash mock-Tudor houses and failed faux-Georgian homes.

And, although at glance there is little to give these houses much appeal to buyers looking for a home with individual character and charm, a closer look reveals that there is actually a great deal going for them.

Period homes are much in demand, but buyers looking for a more ‘ordinary’ home not only have a greater stock to choose from, but also end up taking out a smaller mortgage.

Others won’t put foot inside a home if it doesn’t have curb appeal.

Personally, I love to see creative minds at work and one of my favorites is to see what updates can be done to an older home to make it more attractive and inviting from the outside.


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