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What's more they aren't limited to using Adobe's library, but can create, share and use their own to create specific web applications.For users, Adobe AIR gives access to new and exciting rich internet applications (RIA) which can be run straight from their desktop.Microsoft today began pushing out seven security patches, four of them rated “critical,” meaning the flaws they fix could be used by malware or bad guys to break into unpatched systems with little or no help from users.The critical patches address bugs in Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Share Point.(See Distributing, Installing, and Running AIR applications.) However, you can also have an installed application update itself to a new version, using the Updater class.(An installed application may detect that a new version is available to be downloaded and installed.) The Updater class includes an method that lets you point to an AIR file on the user’s computer and update to that version.

Installing an Adobe AIR application displays the error message: "Sorry an error has occurred. For additional information on this issue, see this document.Of course, you can also find apps that are not that good, but thankt to Adobe AIR the possibilities are endless and really depend on the creativity of developers.Adobe AIR contributes to the web app revolution by helping designers and developers create all sorts of Internet-based apps.Community Q&A Adobe AIR is a great tool for developers to integrate HTML, Java Script, Adobe Flash and Flex, and Action Script to make them work more flexibly on various devices.For better performance, you should update Adobe AIR whenever updates are available. Updates are available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, 20.More information on the Microsoft patches is available at the Microsoft security response center blog, which also discusses some changes to the way security updates are applied to apps available through the Windows Store.After you have successfully run the Adobe AIR installer file, try again to install and run the POS application. The installer filename extension is not registered on Windows Vista The installer file for an Adobe AIR application has a filename that ends with Source: an Adobe AIR application with the Folder Lock application previously installed results in a "blue screen" crash. To resolve the issue, install Folder Lock 6.2.4 or later. Double-clicking an installer file after a successful installation of Adobe AIR on Windows Vista can display an "unknown type" error.on Windows and Mac OS X systems (see the chart below for the most recent version numbers on other operating systems).This patch fixes at least four security flaws in Flash Player.


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