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Option Explicit ' wbem Change Flag Enum Setting const Update Only = 1 const Create Only = 2 ' Basic WMI operation - Create ' Sample to show MSBTS_Host Setting instance creation Sub Create Host (Host Name, Host Type, NTGroup Name, Auth Trusted) On Error Resume Next Dim obj Locator, obj Service, obj Host Setting, obj HS ' Connects to local server WMI Provider Biz Talk namespace Set obj Locator = Createobject ("wbem Scripting. Connect Server(".", "root/Microsoft Biz Talk Server") ' Get WMI class MSBTS_Host Setting Set obj Host Setting = obj Service. Delete_ ' Check for error condition before continuing.

Get ("MSBTS_Host Setting") Set obj HS = obj Host Setting. Check WMIError "Host - " & Host Name & " - has been deleted successfully" end Sub 'This subroutine deals with all errors using the Wbem Scripting object.

The hosts file in Linux (/etc/hosts) is a simple list of IP addresses and the hostnames that they correspond to.

Every hosts file in Linux should have an entry for the IP address "", with the name "localhost" following it. That same file may also have an entry for your system name, unless you did not provide one during installation.

See How long does it take for my domain name to become active?

When you view a website your computer looks at it’s .hosts file to try and map the site host-name to an IP address.

This is very useful for development purposes, as you can work on your site on an alternate server using a hosts file while visitors may still visit and use your existing site.

Sub Check WMIError() If Err 0 Then On Error Resume Next Dim str Err Desc: str Err Desc = Err. Number Dim WMIError : Set WMIError = Create Object("Wbem Scripting.

Swbem Last Error") If ( Type Name(WMIError) = "Empty" ) Then str Err Desc & " (HRESULT: " & Hex(Err Num) & ")." Else WMIError.

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