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CPU: The CPU (central processing unit) is an electrical component that acts as the "brain" for your computer.Most video games require certain speeds for the processor to run at in GHz (gigahertz).Unless you build your own system, you’ll eventually need to just bite the bullet and get a whole new machine.

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And here's the trickier question: how do you know which parts of your rig need the most urgent attention?

For example, some low-end 3D printers and CNC machines require a PC to drive them.

Rather than dedicating an active laptop, I'm much more likely to dig into my storehouse of old machines and press one of them into service.

We've broken down everything you need to know about upgrading your PC: when you need a new graphics card vs.

a new CPU, when your old hard drive or RAM are holding you back, how proper cooling can affect your performance.


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