Updating wmi

If you want to install or upgrade WMI, see the Microsoft Web site at

WMI might be upgraded with the upgrade of the operating system or the installation or upgrade of a management application, such as SMS.

WMIUpdater is a "command line" type of program (DOS).

It is designed to be easily automated (the section for Updating the WMI configuration from a command line describes how to automate the WMIUpdater execution).

NET WMI 2.0 API and to the WMI Repository as a set of WMI classes that you can query and view.This allows administrators and users to examine configuration information using standard Windows-based management tools or code.In addition, administrators and users can update the values of the WMI objects using standard Windows-based management tools or code.You provide all the information they need when you execute the scripts from the Power Shell command line.With these Power Shell scripts, you can reboot, ping, power off, or shut down any number of computers in an AD domain. Sometimes it's necessary to reboot computers in an Active Directory (AD) domain or organizational unit (OU).These changes update the configuration information exposed to the application by the Manageable Configuration Source, which also raises a Configuration Changed event that allows the application to react to the changes and reload the new configuration values.WMI is included in Windows 2000, Windows XP, the Windows Server 2003 family, and Windows Millennium Edition.WMI hotfixes might be available separately, but hotfixes are only available to fix specific problems that are reported to Microsoft Product Support Services.Executive Summary: Although you need Windows Power Shell installed on your computer to run these pair of Power Shell scripts, you don't need to know how to write any Power Shell code to use them.I started this project with the intention to combine the features of currently available WMI Explorers, and to make it easier and quicker to find what you're looking for in WMI. * Connect as alternate credentials to remote computers. * root\directory\LDAP namespace is excluded from Search because enumeration of objects in this namespace can take a very long time and can even return "Quota Violation" error.* Asynchronous and Synchronous mode for enumeration. * SMS (Configuration Manager) mode providing additional functionality for Configuration Manager. * Scripting: Power Shell script execution through WMI Explorer requires Power Shell v2.


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