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If not, my suggestion will be to study the basics of Linq first.Here, in this tutorial, i will show the most basic operations such as retrieving data(select), inserting data,deleting data and modify existing data to and from xml file using linq.

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Over the years Microsoft has offered a variety of libraries to facilitate creating, modifying, querying, and searching XML documents. The following snippet of code shows how to use the file it is an XML-formatted file that developers can create to define a logical structure to their site. NET's site map functionality.) // C# // Load the site map... XNamespace site Map NS = " Net/Site Map-File-1.0"; // Count the number of . See the demo available for download for a demo using the method.

Other that that you might look into serialization and deserializtion of XML (or JSON) objects as stated above as you have a known type [email protected] Goloviznin - It came down to me wanting to learn XML.

Once I found out I could pair it easily with the LINQ namespace in Visual Studio, without adding more libraries, I ran with it.

On my earlier articles, I have described about working with linq on sql server database, which usually known as ‘Linq To SQL‘.

Today I am going to show how linq can be applied on XML data along with c# code examples. I am assuming you are already familiar with basic Linq usage.


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