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He's an amazing vocalist, but I think his productions are amazing." Is it possible to remain underground while working with Pharrell?Since those comments he has worked with Daft Punk, Robin Thicke, composed the 84th Grammy awards plus much more striking a what he touches generally turns to gold.— Uffie (@Uffie Official) June 29, 2013 With Uffie giving birth to her second child, will we eventually see a comeback or was it just to be that one glorious album?The album also features a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshee’s punk chestnut “Hong Kong Garden” and a surprising degree of introspection, reflecting the birth last October of her daughter Henrietta (with her French grafitti artist and nightclub entrepreneur ex-husband André Saraiva) mingled among the party starters. [laughs] DIEHL: I never thought that having a kid would be the thing that got you to work. DIEHL: At times on Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans you talk about wanting to have sex, but then there’s also this other side . Hopefully she’ll be a nice little girl and go to law school. DIEHL: On one song, you talk about a guy who turned “this wild child into a lady by night.” Who did that? [laughs] I discuss sex so openly that it becomes the only thing that gets talked about. DIEHL: You’re a 22-year-old girl-slash-woman—what else are you going to do but have sex all day? I went a bit deeper, and the music is a bit more mature. The first guy who made me fall madly in love is somebody very famous who everyone knows.

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” At the moment, she’s just shy of 200,000 Facebook fans. Now living in Seattle, Uffie decided she was ready to record again after her recent divorce from the father of her second child.

Uffie's music incorporates synthpop, She is perhaps best known for her single "Pop the Glock", as well as "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy", her 2007 collaboration with labelmates Justice.

Some of her live performances have been described as "Warholian".

Relevance and fitting in is ridiculously important.

Uffie doesn't do agreeable, she does divisive and that doesn't fit the algorithm of these sheepish times we're living in.


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