Worst dating advice

If you keep a man waiting, he will pass the time with someone else; whether it’s sex, phone calls, or dinner.My advice: have sex when it’s right, call to say “thank you,” and always show up for your date on-time!Plus, you’re giving them a brilliant story to tell their mates.

Women like independent, confident, and intelligent men…not assholes!

Yes, this is actual dating advice from a so-called “dating expert”. No amount of waiting and wooing will convince someone who doesn’t want children that they do!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re awesome and your kiddos rock, but why would you want someone who doesn’t want children, around yours?

I’d probably give these a wide birth if you do actually want to have sex again.

But here’s a comprehensive list anyway, of tips and tricks as advised by you guys out there…


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