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Join Sandy Weiner, THE renowned confidence, communication, and love coach for women over 40, for this exciting show about attracting and sustaining healthy relationships.

Interviews with top experts and cutting edge authors.

In the pickup community, insecurities with women are related to “inner game”, i.e.

emotional and psychological barriers from approaching beautiful women and maintaining a healthy dating life.

They feel like they can’t measure up to the stunners, or they don’t have enough social distinction through money, bottle service, cars, whatever to approach a certain type of woman.

Instead of working out ways to overcome your approach anxiety, you’d be working out ways of to have more fun and be more playful with women. Then your limiting belief would be “Women aren’t attracted to me because of my height.” Is it because you’re Asian?

This book is the second of the Airtight Game series.

It teaches about the ins and outs of the inner game of dating, including: - Building self-confidence - The Secret Traits of an Alpha Male - Why you have “on” nights and “off” nights - Why men and women think the way they do - Overcoming past programming and limiting beliefs - How to attract women with honesty, integrity, congruence, and presence - The 7 Beliefs to obtain success in order to take action and get dates immediately - A Promise and a Reward - What Is Inner Game?

However, there is no reason to feel helpless in this situation because there are practical steps anyone can take to make a positive change.

You are an expert listener, your communication is excellent – direct and unambiguous, you are extremely supportive and empowering.


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